Promonews - 12th Apr 2019

Cassidy Burcher's knockout video for Gorgon City's Delicious is a combination of brilliant macro shots that you can almost taste, and astounding footage of pills undergoing sped-up chemical reactions. 

With Stefan Yap's excellent cinematography, the human element, provided by two dancers who are happy to get initmate with each other (they are also a couple), merges with the time-lapse footage to create its own chemistry - like the visuals looped at a 90s rave, which was Burcher's inspiration.


"There’s a certain aesthetic and repetitive edit technique to the rave visuals of the late 90s that had its roots in the psychedelic experimental films of the 60s that I wanted to draw from for this.

"The technique allowed for me to have a lot of fun with small details in the edit that takes the viewer on a little macro journey as the pills and dancer burst with colour and energy to compliment the awesome layers of the track.”

PRO Credits


DirectorCassidy Burcher
ProducerMickey Voak
Director of PhotographyStefan Yap
Director's RepresentationLemonade Reps

Promonews - 12th Apr 2019

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