David Knight - 14th Feb 2019

A genuine 'How did they do that?' music video is a rare beast these days. But that's exactly what Isaac Ravishankara has managed to achieve for LANY.

It's a one-shot, which follows a girl to her car, where LANY is sitting on top of the trunk. And then she drives off, down the Cali coastline, with LANY still sitting on the trunk of the car. For several minutes.

There's no doubting that it was done for real, from the way it's been shot. So how did they do that?


"No stitching, no painting, no special effects. It took a ton of effort from a ton of amazing people collaborating to pull this off - and we hope that when you watch it, you don't notice any of it and just get lost in the moment." 

PRO Credits


DirectorIsaac Ravishankara
Director's Rep (UK)OB Management
Director's Rep (US)Reprobates

David Knight - 14th Feb 2019

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