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Lang Lang 'Für Elise' by Michael and Bart

Lassamie Prasimay - 5th Feb 2019

A bartender, a housewife and a schoolboy all take a moment in their vastly different lives to play the piano, an escapism from reality through the melody of Beethoven's beautiful, immediatley recognisable Für Elise.

Famed pianist Lang Lang takes the lead, rediscovering one of the pieces that inspired him to become a musician, and dedicating it to all piano learners and lovers, of all ages and backgrounds, around the world, in this beautifully executed video directed by Michael and Bart. A splendid way to bring iconic pieces from the classical music repertoire to a new audience.


"It was a challenge to come up with an interesting video concept for a piece of music that is simply one man playing the piano. There are no beats or other instruments and vocals that all help move a video along. After learning about Lang Lang's motivation to make learning the piano accessible to all, we based the idea on how, where, and why people play the piano. 'All ages' became a kind of working title for the piece with the idea that anyone of any age can enjoy playing the piano. As the individuals play the piano their stresses of the day are forgotten as their mind takes them to a different and serene place."

Lassamie Prasimay - 5th Feb 2019


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Michael and Bart
Maxine Ross
Production Company
Production Manager
Luana Alb
1st AD
Nick Goulden


Director of Photography
Ben Coughlan
Focus Puller
Ben Plant


Art Director
Katherine Burke


Rebecca Goodeve
Grading company
Author Colour


Deutsche Grammophone

Lassamie Prasimay - 5th Feb 2019

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