Promo News - 20th Dec 2018

Bizarre and creepy things are happening in the Parisian suburbs... Thomas Regnault takes us into an absorbing police procedural with a difference, for The Micronauts.

It starts with a guy lasciviously licking a mannequin in his apartment, until a couple of detectives bust in. And from there, it just gets stranger...


WardrobeEloïse Gilbert, Juliette Regnault, Marie Aurand
DirectorThomas Regnault
Production CompanyMicronautics
1st ADOlivia Daeron-precy
Director of PhotographyPierre-loys Joubert
Focus PullerJean-pierre Olivares
ProducerThomas Regnault
Make-upAlicia Couetdic
EditorSophian Verri
ColouristGeoffrey Kenner
VFXThomas Verhaag
Lead actorCédric Azencoth, Audrey Pouffer, Sam Salhi
Other creditsWritten By Gad & Thomas Regnault Light : Benjamin Ernie Drone : Romain Thomas Stage Manager : Amandine Lins Set: Lucie Morey Drawings: Fouapa

Promo News - 20th Dec 2018

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