David Knight - 11th Dec 2018

Classic rock and heavy fantasy come together in an extraordinary visual package in this video directed by visual director/musician Giovanni Bucci, and his and partner Paola Rocchetti's creative studio Void 'n Disorder.

It's a combination of highly stylised, and styled live action with animated characters and backgrounds, with some great rock iconography brought dazzlingly to life with some brilliant work in animation and VFX. In command of both sound and vision, Bucci has seamlessly integrated them both, and in exploring the dichotomy between nature and technology, the results are something to behold - particularly the creation of his monstrous two-headed version of the goddess Hekate, a real 21st century nightmare.

With contributions from Dead Lotus Couture (London), Mother of London (LA), Majesty Black (LA), Pieroni Lab (Rome), Oscar-winning makeup artist Manlio Rocchetti (1943-2017), and Oscar-winning 3D artist Stefano Dubay, Bucci and Rocchetti have completed a labour of love for the first release from ODDKO's forthcoming album Escape The Maze - a new track is being released every month in 2019.

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"There is a mythic story in the fabric of Disobey, a primal call to action, and a warning against deliberate manipulation of oblivious consumers. We struggle as a society - we love technology but are surrounded by ways that it enslaves us, drowning out the natural world. While we in no way shun technology, Disobey explores the ways that this dichotomy both uplifts and breaks down our nature as humans, asking the questions, where do we go from here? How much technology is too much?”


DirectorGiovanni Bucci
Production CompanyVoid n’ Disorder
Make-upPaola Rocchetti

David Knight - 11th Dec 2018

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