David Knight - 6th Dec 2018

Indie-rock outfit Indoor Pets called upon their wonderful fans to send them footage for their video for Being Strange. And it turns out that crowd-sourced music videos are really not like they used to be.

This highly entertaining combination of live action and (not very spoiler alert) animation, was directed by Yousef Thani, with considerable aplomb. And it all culminates in a live band performance (shot at the Tunbridge Wells Forum) that's really quite strange indeed.


VFXYousef, Joe Pascale, Marco Mori, Brian Borù, Ian Sanderson, Luke James, Matthew Taylor
CommissionerJoss Acock
LabelWichita Recordings
Other creditsCamera Operators: Guy Brown, Jake River Parker Special Thanks: Joss Acock, Rob Simpson and the Team at Tunbridge Wells Forum

David Knight - 6th Dec 2018

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