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Florda 'Brave Little Soldier' by Gaia Alari

Promo News - 19th Nov 2018

This video for Montreal indie band Florda has been created entirely in stop-motion clay-animation by Milan-based visual artist Gaia Alari, and it succeeds in telling the life story of an individual, from young boy to old man, through a series of sequences strung together like a slideshow.

Unlike many exponents of the art of claymation, Alari goes for subtlety, using the medium to deliver the emotions of the characters, and has created a very impressive, evocative piece in the process.

The video for Brave Little Soldier charts the passage of time and how technology has become more important and normalised in the daily routine - which follows the themes of the song. "There was an elementary school across the street from my bedroom, and I would wake each morning to the sound of children laughing and shouting in the playground," says Harris Shper from Florda, about the song. 

"I wrote this song while looking out the window, in the middle of the night and only silence was outside, the street obscured by power lines and snow drifting lazily down. I thought about humanity getting old and tired. I thought about technology, our constant companion, reaching into our houses and into our lives. A month later my apartment burned down to the ground. This is a memento to that winter night, alone with my thoughts, alive, and wondering what the future would hold." 

Promo News - 19th Nov 2018


  • Animation
  • New Director
  • Narrative
  • Claymation

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Gaia Alari

Promo News - 19th Nov 2018

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