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Tim Aminov 'Veneno' by Andzej Gavriss

Promonews - 14th Nov 2018

Andzej Gavriss follows up his video for James Arthur's Empty Space, with this exceptional work, shot in and around Siargao Island in the Philipplines for Russian musician Tim Aminov.

This is the story of a man haunted by the loss of a boy in the waters around the island - or is this a dream about how he was saved himself? Gavriss blurs the lines of reality, making man and boy interchangeable, and teases out the tale with a succession of extraordinary shots. At the centre is a wholly engaging performance by Manuel Melindo as the older man.

Veneno is beautifully shot by DoP Konstantin Mazov, with production design by Julija Friscone Gavriss and VFX by Zhee-Shee creative studio in Moscow. And it demonstrates that Gavriss's cinematic style and subtle character-driven storytelling makes him a force to be reckoned with.

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Promonews - 14th Nov 2018

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Andzej Gavriss
Carla Mooney
Delwyn Mooney
Production Company


Director of Photography
Konstantin Masov


Production designer
Julija Fricsone Gavriss


Director's Representation

Other credits

Executive Producers

Carla Mooney (Cardel), Delwyn Mooney (Cardel), Ilya Steward (Hype), Murad Osman (Hype), Ilya Dzhincharadze (hype), Laura Gregory (Great Guns), Sheridan Thomas (Great Guns), jordan Lee-Mcgrath, Tim Aminov

Promonews - 14th Nov 2018

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