Promo News - 12th Nov 2018

Leila Ziu makes an outstanding music video debut for Pearson Sound, combining elements of performance art with lo-fi visual effects to bring a bit of human eccentricity into a tech-focussed world. 

This old-school computer grid becomes a kind of catwalk for a bunch of characters - from cyber-workers to fashionistas and hamzad-protected biohazard functionaries - all played by Ziu and Maëva Berthelot, continuously replicated as they avoid floating computer detritus across the screen.

A minimalist, wittily graphic work that's a perfect accompaniment to the retro-electronica of London producer David Kennedy, aka Pearson Sound.


DirectorLeila Ziu
ProducerLeila Ziu
EditorLeila Ziu
Other creditsPerformance: Maëva Berthelot And Leila Ziu Background Animation: Ben Buxton

Promo News - 12th Nov 2018

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