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The Japanese House 'Lilo' by David East

Promonews - 1st Nov 2018

David East captures the intimacies and fragmented memories of Amber Bain (aka The Japanese House)'s previous relationship in his video for Lilo.


The video features her real life ex-girlfriend Marika Hackman.


"This music video was a very personal collaboration for Amber (The Japanese House), it reflects the last moments and and fragmented memories of her relationship (her previous partner actually co-starring in the film).

"As it was so close to the artist’s heart, I wanted to showcase the sentiment of this film as authentically as possible, reflecting the real, raw, intimate moments shared between two people in love. These moments are juxtaposed with metaphors like the burning car, which represents the unity of the couple in moments of chaos.

"I wanted to use lots of open spaces, paired with intimate moments to really underpin the nuances and polarities of their relationship. From the ups to the more sombre moments. It was a truly collaborative experience with Amber, and a pleasure to create."

Promonews - 1st Nov 2018


  • Director's notes
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David East
Natalie Uglow
Production Company
Executive Producer
Toby Walsham


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OB Management

Promonews - 1st Nov 2018

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