Promonews - 20th Sept 2018

Sophia Ray takes Chelcee Grimes's uptempo take on a typical heartbreak song, and gives it a party-filled, let your hair down vibe. Exactly what a post-heartbreak night out should be, in fact. 

One of her most personal songs I Need A Night Out derives from a personal low in Chelcee’s life last year following a breakup and a simple text to a friend saying that she just needed a night out to forget about all her problems. For the video, shot in Malaga, she wanted to highlight that rollercoaster of emotions you're going through, even as you are trying to have fun. 

PRO Credits


DirectorSophia Ray
ProducerIndia Lee
Production CompanyPartizan Darkroom
Executive ProducerMayling Wong
Director of PhotographyHarry Wheeler
Director's RepresentationClaire Stubbs @ Mouthpiece
Service CompanyBORNEO
Other credits

Promonews - 20th Sept 2018

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