David Knight - 28th June 2018

The King's Parade find themselves playing at a small club, to an even smaller and not-too-interested audience - not a promising start but Callum Henderson's video holds surprises in store.

As the band start to perform the retro blue-eyed soul of The Look, each one of the band appears to develop a connection with a different member of the audience. Is this song so romantic it can make people fall in love? Or is it a bit more complicated than that?

Either way The Look provides the catalyst to an emotional reaction, and insight to the lives and longings of the audience, that makes it an entertaining watch. And the song is a proper tune. 


DirectorCallum Henderson
ProducerCallum Henderson
Production CompanyClipstone Productions
Director of PhotographySimon Waldock
Focus PullerKitija Dambite
Art DirectorAdam Walker
Make-upSophia Bebyck
Other creditscast: Agata Puterko, Matthew Marcelis, Wayne Avrili, Juliana Barros, Alex Enmarch, Nicci Brighten, Felicity Lamb

David Knight - 28th June 2018

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