David Knight - 14th June 2018

New Pulse signing Paco Raterta follows up his thrlling video for Gaika with a real top-notch horror show for GRAVEDGR.

Raterta's nerve-shredding homage to the slasher genre features the requisite relentless psychopathic killer- this one marked out by his unusual (but highly appropriate) weapon: a gravedigger's spade.

His killing spree is played out in the classic and super-stylish fashion of a John Carpenter movie, with the emphasis on action rather than fear. Perfect thrills for GRAVEDGR's blood-pumping Rampage. 


"The music is so ominous, and also perfect seeing that the artist already came with a dark persona. My idea was to have this soulless entity chasing victims at his own pace, getting closer and closer as the music gets faster. When the drop begins, I saw this shovel dropping too, on their faces… when I make music videos, the music and the rhythm of the video are always king, with story playing a secondary, painterly place” 

PRO Credits


DirectorPaco Raterta
ProducerVanessa Ulgado
Production CompanyPulse Films
Executive ProducerRik Green
Director of PhotographyRuben Woodin-Dechamps
EditorPaco Raterta

David Knight - 14th June 2018

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