David Knight - 3rd May 2018

Ahead of the release of his long-awaited new album Heaven Before All Hell Breaks Loose, Ben Drew aka Plan B has released a trio of performance videos directed by Charlie Targett-Adams where the basic format undergo three distinctive visual treatments.

Drew's head-and-shoulders performances of the tracks Queue Jumping, Grateful and Mercy are all treated by Targett-Adams in a distinct way: Queue Jumping is closest to pure photography; in Grateful, Drew is transformed into geometric shapes; and for Mercy, he is delineated as lazer lines.

Whatever the visual style, Drew's big intense personality comes through. A good boy of work ahead of the album by Targett-Adams, who is now individually repped for music videos by Lock It In.   


DirectorCharlie Targett-Adams
ProducerHeba Elgamal
Production CompanyThe Firepit
Executive ProducerWilliam Nichols
Director of PhotographyDan​ Lobo-Pires
EditorStevie Anderson
Director's RepresentationLock It In
Other creditsJib Operator: Dan ​Lobo-Pires 2n​d​AC:Marcus Albertson Loader: Luca Parasiliti Gaffer: Dan Goodall Production Assistant: Rebecca Green Hair & Make Up Artist: ​Hellie Director’s Rep: Chloe @ Lock it in

David Knight - 3rd May 2018

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