David Knight - 21st Feb 2018

Over three tracks by the Baltimore band Pianos Become The Teeth, Michael Parks Randa tells the freewheeling story of two girls who hook up in New York City at Halloween, and set off on an unpredictable journey into the unknown.

In Charisma, they form their bond and take on NYC with gusto, in matching Halloween makeup. Then in Bitter Red they head out of the city and across country, to an unexpected meeting. The finale in Love On Repeat finds them in an abandoned theatre, drawn in by a cast of ghostly ballet dancers.

Park Randa also weaves band performance into this ambitious and impressive trilogy, where the pleasure is in what these feisty females will do next. And it somehow works as showcase for Pianos Become The Teeth's brand of serious indie rock.


DirectorMichael Parks Randa
ProducerJake Sharpless
Director of PhotographyEric Teti
Focus PullerTyler Pakstis
GafferJack O'brien
HairMariella Dawn
EditorMichael Parks Randa
ColouristRob Bessette
Lead actorMadeline Rhodes, Natysha Echevarria

David Knight - 21st Feb 2018

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