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Two Penny Blue 'Get Well Soon' by Cyrus Mirzashafa

Two Penny Blue 'Get Well Soon' by Cyrus Mirzashafa

David Knight - 20th Feb 2018

Cyrus Mirzashafa has completed the final instalment in the trilogy of videos for London folk-rock outfit Two Penny Blue - a biographical tale of the difficult upbringing of lead singer Tommy, who grew up in a household blighted by alcohol addiction.

Having said that, there's a lot of comedy pathos and a touch of magic in Mirzashafa's video for Get Well Soon, that's shot in 8mm, and features Andrew Anthony as the young Tommy - who was in the previous TPB video, for BUS.

“I wanted to create something personal and beautiful for Tommy, and again, distinctively different from the previous two videos in the series," says Mirzashafa. "So I chose 8mm and embraced all the light leaks and film burns from the celluloid to give the video a home made feel, like a memory has been captured.”



Watch 'Two Penny Blue 'Get Well Soon' by Cyrus Mirzashafa' here

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David Knight - 20th Feb 2018


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Cyrus Mirzashafa
Andy Woodruff
Production Company
Executive Producer
Cyrus Mirzashafa


Director of Photography
Mike Davies
Focus Puller
Olivia Angelique
2nd AC
James Hatton


Cyrus Mirzashafa

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Olivia Angelique

David Knight - 20th Feb 2018

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