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Jay-Z 'Marcy Me' by The Safdie Brothers

David Knight - 3rd Jan 2018

Reflecting the track, which recounts Jay-Z's boyhood, a young Brooklyn lad goes on a shopping errand under the scrutiny of a police helicopter, which eventually beams an intrusive spotlight on the rooftop gathering that the boy returns to.

Directed by the Safdie Brothers - who directed the acclaimed movie Good Time, starring Robert Pattinson - and shot by legendary DoP Darius Khondji – Marcy Me is about childhood innocence and how it ends. 


David Knight - 3rd Jan 2018


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The Safdie Brothers
Production Company
The Directors Bureau
Production Company
Elara Pictures
Executive Producer
Sue Yeon Ahn
Executive Producer
Oscar Boyson
Executive Producer
Sebastian McClard


Director of Photography
Darius Khondji

David Knight - 3rd Jan 2018

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