David Knight - 22nd Dec 2017

Stockholm-based Oscar Lund-Hansen goes to the wide open spaces to create strong symbolic imagery to represent what he describes as the self-imposed "digial captivity' of today's youth, in his video for HUMAN.


"When we first spoke to Daniel, the artist behind HUMAN, he talked about his fascination of the golden record that Nasa sent out to space with the Voyager in the 70’s. The space probe contained music, illustrations and mathematical equations and were supposed to represent us Humans.

"We began evolving this concept around the film, how we are represented today and how we’re represented tomorrow. This started the process of a visual interpretation of ’today's generation'.  A generation being brought into digital captivity and turmoil. A place where we don’t see further than the palm of our hand but at the same time being able to see more than ever. It’s about opening our eyes to reality and down the line, ask what’s most important and how we, in the best possible way, can move towards our interpretation of a better tomorrow."


DirectorOscar Lund-Hansen
ProducerErik Gustafsson
Production CompanySwim Club
Executive ProducerDaniel Adams-ray
Director of PhotographyFredrik Hvass
Focus PullerChristoffer Jonsson
Make-upJessah Amarante
ColouristJoel Thorstensson
Grading companySwim Club
CommissionerHenrik Hansson
LabelUniversal Records

David Knight - 22nd Dec 2017

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