Luke Bather - 25th July 2017

Jon Emmony created a hideous, pulsating thing of beauty for The Horrors.

Wiry synapses fire in a blue expanse before the insect-like metamorphosis begins to take over. This 3D animation shakes, writhes and pulses into some truly visceral looking places, yet keeps a gorgeous colour palette in its armory at all times. Like an acid-laced journey through the mind of HR Giger and at least subconsciously informed by Chris Cunningham's work with The Horrors many years back. Just as unsettling, but with a whole new set of weaponry.

PRO Credits


DirectorJon Emmony
Production CompanyPattern
ProducerTai Thittichai
CommissionerNatalie Arnett
LabelWolf Tone Limited
ColouristTim Smith
Grading companyElectric Theatre Collective
VFXJames Stringer
VFXTom Wandrag
VFXGabriel Carasso

Luke Bather - 25th July 2017

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