David Knight - 20th July 2017

Electronica pioneers Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark (or OMD) are back with a new album The Punishment Of Luxury – a very '80s title – and Luca Monterosso has provided a powerful visual accompaniment to the title track's critique of the crumbling consumerist dream. 

Monterosso's expressions of wealth, luxury, conspicious consumption and sex are defined in day-glo outlines that are repeated and subtlely changed to become ever more sinister. You'll be sucked in - and then realise OMD still have a way with a catchy electropop tune. 

PRO Credits


DirectorLuca Monterosso
ProducerCarla Mooney
ProducerDelwyn Mooney
Production CompanyCardel
AnimatorNicola Smanio
Director's RepresentationCardel
LabelWhite Noise Touring

David Knight - 20th July 2017

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