Luke Bather - 26th June 2017

Doomsday is upon us in Simon Ryninks' video for Johnny Flynn. But unfortunately, not everyone agrees.

In an age of polarising opinions and post-truth, sometimes it's hard to see what's actually happening even when it's hurtling towards Earth at thousands of miles per hour. A taxi driver sees a meteorite on a collision course with Earth, but it looks like he's the only one who's worried about it. The video follows him as he manically scrambles through a city acting like nothing is wrong, trying to find anyone else who's as concerned as he is.


"Johnny has imbued In The Deepest with a sense of ominous dread which I've tried to visualise. The video's concept grew out of that, and a general feeling of anxiety. It's about finding hope in other people who share your worldview and see things the way you do."


DirectorSimon Ryninks
ProducerSalomé Fabre
ProducerHanna Jedrosz
Production CompanyThe Milo Wladek Co.
Director of PhotographyDino Dimopoulos
Director of PhotographyTom Walker
EditorSimon Ryninks
ColouristRichard Vaux
VFXPhilip Walker-davies
Lead actorJohnny Flynn
Lead actorLuke Pierre
Lead actorHolly Holden
CommissionerTim Dellow

Luke Bather - 26th June 2017

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