Promonews - 17th June 2017

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DirectorJesse Peretz
Production CompanyBlack Dog Films

Promonews - 17th June 2017

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Selena Gomez 'Bad Liar' by Jesse Peretz

Selena Gomez has a thing for Selena Gomez, but there's no way it'll happen because Selena Gomez only has eyes for Selena Gomez in Jesse Peretz video for... well, honestly I forget who.

Luke Bather - 23rd June 2017


Work & Life Q&A: Jocelyn Anquetil, director

Jocelyn Anquetil has recently joined the directors' roster at Pulse Films in London, having made an eye-catching start to her career with videos for King Krule, Ashnikko, Declan …

Promonews - 18 hours ago

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