Luke Bather - 30th May 2017

Felix Brady gets a little Rear Window in this voyeruistic clip for London producer Courage.

People watching in London can be a joy - so many strange moments completely removed from any context. Brady exploits the fun that can be had with this here - allowing characters manoeuvre and little stories to unfold from an almost god-like field of view. There's always comedy in the ridiculousness of the private lives of the public.

Felix Brady:

"We are all voyeurs whether we admit it or not. The idea of looking into the lives of others without them knowing attracts us. In this music video we tap into that desire and leads us on a voyeuristic celebration of London's chaotic residents and their unique circumstances. Circumstances that precariously tread the line between reality and fantasy."


DirectorFelix Brady
ProducerMr Dondada
1st ADLucy Kellow
1st ADJoe Ramsden
Director of PhotographyAlex Kirkwood
CommissionerJoe Barbe

Luke Bather - 30th May 2017

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