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Katy Perry 'Bon Appétit' by Dent de Cuir

Luke Bather - 15th May 2017

Dent de Cuir's clip for Katy Perry somehow manages the delicate balance of being equally sexy and horrifying.

With a title like Bon Appétit and a neon NSFW sign flickering on at the beginning, there are plenty of places your mind could go with this one. Although if you imagined 'Katy Perry's almost-naked body being stretched and contorted like dough by a room full of chefs before being cooked in a large broth and eventually doing a pole dance for Migos' then your name is probably Dent de Cuir. The rest of us don't need to imagine it - here it is.

Perry goes through a full transformation in this video, which expertly pushes the boundaries for what's deemed as acceptably weird in a glossy, shiny pop video.

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Luke Bather - 15th May 2017


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Dent de Cuir
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Luke Bather - 15th May 2017

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