Luke Bather - 4th May 2017

Paul Thomas Anderson ushers in the return of Haim with a gorgeous 35mm live session.

The slow, creeping, voyeuristic aesthetic of the clip sits wonderfully within PTA's style - the master director is not afraid to let takes run exceptionally long (which seems counterintuitive in a music video) by not letting the camera cut until three minutes and forty seconds into a four and a half minute track. Instead, he lets the camera wander curiously around the studio, letting all the ambient sound filter in amongst the performance. It becomes immersive - as though you're walking through the performance yourself. Who needs VR when you have Kodak film?


DirectorPaul Thomas Anderson
ProducerSara Murphy
ProducerAlbert Chi
ProducerErica Frauman
Production CompanyGhoulardi Film Company
Production Companym ss ng p eces
1st ADAdam Somner
1st ACJosh Friz
ColouristGregg Garvin

Luke Bather - 4th May 2017

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