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Parisi ft RZA 'No Refuge' by Ben Strebel

David Knight - 11th Apr 2017

Ben Strebel has directed a striking music video for Italian duo Parisi and Wu Tang Clan's RZA that highlights the desperate situation faced by the millions caught up in the global refugee crisis. 

In a collaboration with US creative agency Stay In School, Strebel the trauma experienced by ordinary people forced to leave their homes is expressed by the actions of a group dropped in a misty nowhere by a coach. They start to move, which then becomes a dance that becomes a reaction ot the endless movement, and seemingly hopeless journey to an unknown destination. The strength of the piece is how it highlights individuals as well as the group, offering a window into the desperate world of the refugee.

 "I wanted to create a film that showed each individual on a journey forced upon them, ceaseless, restless and without a destination in sight," says Ben Strebel. "My interpretation of the song drew on the persona! history of forced migration that my family experienced sixty years ago."

Ail proceeds from streams and sales of the song will be donated to the UNHCR - the United Nations Refugee Agency - to aid the ongoing refugee crisis. 

"lt sits uncomfortably close to home seeing innocent families who have escaped war and destruction only to be ill-treated and regarded like criminals when they're in need of safety." says Feh Tarty, a native of war-torn Liberia and Creative Partner of Stay in School. "This project is a perfect marriage between awareness displayed beautifully and effortless action. Simply play or purchase to help."  

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David Knight - 11th Apr 2017

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Ben Strebel
Production Company
Sovage Paris
Executive Producer
Willy Morence


Director of Photography
Victor Seguin


Fanny Sage


Ben Strebel


Houmam Abdallah


Roli Records


Stay In School
Creative Director
Feh Tarty
Creative Director
Russell Weekes
Project Manager
Swee Lyn Nah
Sound design
THE (France)

David Knight - 11th Apr 2017

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