Luke Bather - 28th Mar 2017

James&James direct a carefully choreographed rebellion for Maximo Park.

Fed up of the artificial theatrics of everyday life, our hero breaks free, but only within the confines of the studio. With a supporting cast, we watch the dancing of an ordinary day play out before our eyes as our hero (dancer Robby Graham) gets progressively more agitated as it repeats itself Groundhog-style. The cycle continues before he sees red in a cathartic display.

James & James:

"The idea for Get High (No, I Don't) had been bubbling under the surface for a while. We'd talked a bunch about theatrical lighting and some kind of Dogma-style set for a while, too. The video sees a person rebelling against the structures of society – all choreographed. When this track landed, the rest of the creative quickly clicked. It took about thirty minutes from hearing the track to having worked up the simple creative of a person rebelling against the structures of society – all choreographed."


Director of PhotographyJoshua C Fry
1st ACAgatha Lee
GafferMatti Moka
Art DirectorAngel Parmar
Make-upMelanie Lindsey
ChoreographerSouth Paw Dance
SteadicamLawrence Gallagher
StudioEast London Studios
Other creditsFocus Puller: Sam Riley Dancers: Amy Thiroff, Jodie Honeybourne, Robert Emile, Robby Graham, Nico Migliorati Runner: Alauric Lau

Luke Bather - 28th Mar 2017

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