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Perfume Genius 'Slip Away' by Andrew Thomas Huang

Luke Bather - 27th Mar 2017

Andrew Thomas Huang's video for Perfume Genius is a hyper-saturated theatrical firestorm come to life. Dancing effortlessly between a colourful-curtained facade and the luxurious fields and meadows of the outside world, this video is a magical exercise in escape and escapism.

With lightning-quick cuts and a camera that refuses to stay still, it's a dizzying sprint between worlds that blurs the line between reality and fantasy - feeling like a sincere and joyous love poem to videos like Smashing Pumpkins' Tonight, Tonight – itself a nod to the theatrics of early cinema – only on a smaller scale.

Luke Bather - 27th Mar 2017

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Andrew Thomas Huang
Jeremy Hartman
Production Company
Executive Producer
Sara Greco
Executive Producer
Rob Semmer


Director of Photography
Logan Triplett

Luke Bather - 27th Mar 2017

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