Luke Bather - 15th Mar 2017

Ichon takes a dreamy ride in the Swiss Alps in Pierre Saba-Aris' video for Si L'on Ride.

You might remember Ichon's brutal video last summer for #FDP in which he was subjected to a gruesome beating. This video shows an incredibly different side to Ichon: here he's riding a classic Mercedes through the Swiss Alps before jumping on horseback with his love interest Tehani.

But perhaps all is not quite as it seems, as the couple's suggestively erotic adventure reveals a flipside. Colours glitch and warble as if the couple occupies a VHS dream state - bolstered by the video's 4:3 aspect ratio. Lo-fi clips and sound recordings begin to leak into the gorgeous scenery more frequently as the video develops and degrades, taking a turn for the explicit for a few frames.

And that's enough to flip the narrative on us. Did what we were just watching take place anywhere other than in the brain of a man in a bathroom stall?


DirectorPierre Saba-Aris
ProducerPierre Saba-Aris
1st ADRodrigue Huart
Director of PhotographyJulien Ramirez Hernan
Focus PullerEtienne Burguy
GafferBasile Boudoux
EditorPierre Saba-Aris
ColouristJulien Ramirez Hernan
Grading companyLes Films Du Périscope
Lead actorIchon, Téhani Amant

Luke Bather - 15th Mar 2017

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