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Tom Chaplin 'Still Waiting' by Kevin Godley

Cat Velez - 24th Jan 2017

Kevin Godley returns to music video directing, and pairs up with Tom Chaplin for the first time since their collaboration for Keane's Is It Any Wonder?for this lovely visual for the track Still Waiting. 

But as you find out in Godley's notes below, sometimes even a seemingly straightforward visual device can be tricky to pull off with elegance. But the video has come together beautifully, capturing a strong performance by the singer from four different angles, shot simultaneously on different cameras. In classic Godley fashion, it's all done in-camera.

Refracted, mirrored and duplicated, Tom's image takes on a life of its own through a variety of movement that avoid becoming too repetitive. 


"In the case of ‘Still Waiting’ everyone was on the same page. Tom and I had worked together before, in the context of Keane, so this was an opportunity to explore each other’s expertise in a new way.

"The song is pretty dark. It's about Tom’s recent battles with drug addiction and required a very physical idea that put Tom way out of his comfort zone, as four cameras would be looking at him and nothing but him for the entire shoot. Tom rose admirably to the challenge and gave me an extraordinarily intense set of performances to draw from.

"Problem was, once we’d sold the idea to a very receptive Tom, Beth and Andrew Law, we had to figure out how to actually do it. Did I mention jeopardy? Part of the fun is the element of jeopardy, either for me or the artist, but in this case it was both.

"We had to figure out a lot of stuff that involved camera stability, ease of movement, rig weight, camera types and how to position them without being seen, plus a dozen more bolt-on problems that we didn’t know existed until they did. Tom also had to deal with performing inside a rotating, blacked out room 8ft x 8ft while four panting, grown men hefted the thing around him yelling incomprehensible instructions."

Cat Velez - 24th Jan 2017


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Kevin Godley
Lucy Nolan
Production Company
Smash Management
Production Manager
Jo Allen


Director of Photography
Andy Boulter
Camera Assistant
Joseph Edwards


Bernie Prentice


Shukeel Murtaza


Production Assistant
Clemency Abraham
Rupert Cobb

Cat Velez - 24th Jan 2017

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