David Knight - 18th Jan 2017

Director and VFX/CG supervisor Jay Harwood has created an arresting video for Danish electronica duo Lulu Rouge, building a fantastical superreality in CGI to represent a dying love affair.

The narrative is played out through a choreography of two exceptional dancers, Ask La Cour and Georgina Pazcoguni, a principal and soloist from New York City Ballet, that Harwood has motion-captured. From that he's created photorealistic protagonists thrust into an abstract world, encrusted in ash and dirt, exposed to unusual elements, and symbolically playing out the push, pull and break-up of their crumbling relationship.    


DirectorJay Harwood
ProducerBen Kainz
EditorAmy Adair
VFXJay Harwood
LabelMusic For Dreams
Other creditsCompositor - Rachel Rardin Male Dancer - Ask La Cour Female Dancer - Georgina Pazcoguin Motion Capture By Motion Capture NYC Extra Rendering And Special Thanks To Feed Me Light

David Knight - 18th Jan 2017

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