Luke Bather - 19th Dec 2016

Die Antwoord's latest is another in a long line of no-holds-barred NSFW artistic assaults on the senses – this time directed by singer Yolandi Visser.

Heavily influenced, as always, by the work of photographer Roger Ballen (who has directed videos for them in the past, and shows up here as an co-art director with DA's Ninja) the black and white performance clip takes hip-hop and Zef culture to a heavily stylised extreme, with graffiti covering every square inch of set, costume and human flesh.

It wouldn't be a Die Antwoord video without a heavy helping of occult imagery, and fortunately there's plenty here to go around. 


DirectorYolandi Visser
Art DirectorRoger Ballen & NINJA
CameraAlexis Zabe
CameraRoss Garrett
CameraBen Crossman
CameraJoe Passarelli
EditorYolandi Visser
Production CompanyZef Films

Luke Bather - 19th Dec 2016

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