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Swimming Tapes 'Tides' by Babysweet

Luke Bather - 13th Dec 2016

Gregg Houston aka Babysweet keeps things simple and dreamy in this kaleidoscopic performance clip for Swimming Tapes.

Armed with nothing more than a kaleidoscope filter and ninety minutes, Babysweet manages to create a performance video with a throwback to television of the 50s and 60s, complete with authentic-looking titles and a grainy, washed-out aesthetic.


"Shot in 90 minutes during a band rehearsal the music's dreamy guitars, nostalgic lyrics and reverb-tinged vocals dictated the retro vibe of the performance.

"The aim was to keep a sense of mystery about the band but make it engaging. I got a kaleidoscope filter and took it from there. The split imagery suited the music and also let us see everything in a slightly obscured way if that makes sense.

"On this version, we added a title at the intro. Four of the band members are from Northern Ireland so I asked Annelise to create a similar looking logo to the one I found from their local television station in the 50's. She did a great job."

Luke Bather - 13th Dec 2016


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  • Kaleidoscope lens

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Director of Photography
Gregg Houston


Gregg Houston
Editing company


Hand In Hive

Luke Bather - 13th Dec 2016

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