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Illy ft. Anne-Marie ‘Catch 22’ by Mark Staubach

Cat Velez - 28th Nov 2016

Illy and Anne-Marie have discovered the key to a great night out with friends in their new video for Catch 22, directed by Mark Staubach. 

Breaking into a large storage unit filled with old arcade games, the artists and their crew remind us of the joys a simple fighting game can bring. Illy and Anne-Marie face off in their very own game, playing themselves as animated characters - with those laughably terrible joystick controls - and have an absolute blast. Then, their talented streetdancing mates step into the spotlight, for an impressively coordinated danceoff to the upbeat track. 


"I wanted to translate the lyrics of this song in a very literal, yet unexpected way.  Sentiments such as 'Some you win, some you lose' and 'Who wants to live forever' lead me to classic video games, one of my own personal passions.  
"In fact, making this video reminded me why I love this business so much.  I fulfilled a few of childhood dreams: creating my own video arcade, and cruising around in a DeLorean. We wanted this video to have a retro feeling, not just in art direction, but overall quality.  Vintage Kawa optics were key to our photography, giving everything a soft, lower contrast vibe."

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Cat Velez - 28th Nov 2016


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Mark Staubach
Joyce Washington
Executive Producer
Daniel Livschutz


Director of Photography
Johnny Ching


Edgar Esteves


Director's Representation
Lock It In


Production Coordinator
Alex Valentine

Cat Velez - 28th Nov 2016

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