Luke Bather - 23rd Nov 2016

Ewan Jones Morris gives rural Wales its moment in the spotlight in this panoramic video for Islet.

There's no escaping it: drones are everywhere. Now that it's cheap enough for a teenager to fly a camera around, sweeping aerial shots that once marked a video with some high-budget prestige are now all but commonplace. Ewan Jones Morris knows this, but he also knows that there's a lot of untapped creative potential in the humble drone. Cue 'Final Drive'.

Part-panoramic experiment, part-poetic ode to his roots, the video celebrates Islet's move to a rural part of Wales by making them part of the landscape. Stitching drone footage together and adding layers of surreal giant versions of the band makes for a charming rural jigsaw.


“Having made plenty of music videos I looked at different ways of shooting something and although drones are being overused at the moment I felt we could be a little more expressive and creative with it. We have been able to create a kind of ‘landscape of Islet’ as a result. The finished video is actually in five sections, like five animated panoramas, which are then stitched together in one moving shot. Then I chucked a load of clouds on top to hide all the problems. I enjoyed re-engaging with the place, not because it's beautiful, or idyllic or epic (it is all these things), but because it's a place which I know, and I feel it needs representing.”

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DirectorEwan Jones Morris
AnimatorEwan Jones Morris

Luke Bather - 23rd Nov 2016

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