Luke Bather - 14th Nov 2016

Colonel Blimp's newest director Maxim Kelly flips the world on its head during the apocalypse for Palace.

Set within the confines of a church during the looming presence of the end of the world, Kelly shows us people repenting, confessing and attempting to live out their final days with a desperate dignity. With striking lighting and choreography highlighting the duality, and performance aspects of religion, it's a great portrait of desperation, anarchy and helplessness.


"It’s over - it’s the end of the world.  In this video we meet a small group of people as they try to face the end with grace and dignity. In this video I tried to avoid many of the cliches inherent in end of the world stories. Instead I attempted to make a film referencing the ideas of the “Carnivalesque” by Mikhail Bakhtin. 

"During carnival according to Bakhtin a world-upside-down is created, societal norms are inverted and hierarchy is abolished. There is free and familiar interaction between all people, eccentric behaviour is welcomed and sacrilegious events occur without the need for punishment.  This freedom is anarchy at it’s most beautiful, touching and poignant."


DirectorMaxim Kelly
Production CompanyColonel Blimp
Executive ProducerPaul Weston
Executive ProducerCorin Taylor
ProducerChantelle Lue
Head of Music VideoRichard Grewe
Director of PhotographySverre Sørdal
1st ADBen Hoy-slot
2nd ACJames Wicks
GafferKit Wood
SparkChristopher Barber
ChoreographerDel Mak
Assistant ProducerAlien Monodee
Art DepartmentCiaran Linden Beale
StylistLou'ana Carron
Make-upChloe Edwards
CommissionerZoe Wheeler

Luke Bather - 14th Nov 2016

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