Luke Bather - 17th Oct 2016

Autumn de Wilde lets The Lemon Twigs explore a retro-futurist desert wasteland in this cool, minimalist performance video.

Featuring one of the coolest cars to grace a music video in recent memory (which has an amazing provenance, as de Wilde explains below) and some wonderful costumes, the aesthetic appeal of this video is almost so good that you could eat it.

Worlds apart from The Lemon Twigs' last video, yet still somehow sitting as a perfect companion. It's equal parts road movie, glam-rock and science fiction. And all the better for it.


“First, I listened to the song 100 times, as I do, eyes closed.... except when driving. I kept ending up in an empty golden landscape. I'm obsessed with the space-age future once described by the past, now lost and forgotten.

"I talked to production designers, Adam Siegel and Tina Pappas about creating a colorful apocalyptic barren universe. They came back to me with this amazing car. It was the car that Catwoman fake-kidnapped the Joker in on Batman, the TV show AND Captain Kirk's hotrod on Star Trek. Shirley Kurata dug for colors and textures to compliment the car and found this amazing vintage pink satin wings jacket. Vanessa Price jumped in the van with us and brought all her favorite dusty desert makeup.

"The Lemon Twigs are unbelievable live.... so I knew I wanted to do a performance video, but still place them in an electric surreal dream world. The wind picked up and howled through us. The car wouldn't start. My bare-bones camera department was DP Matt Lloyd, producer Saul Germaine, two shitty folding chairs, me and a camera. The dust and wind became a monster we were battling all day, but we all had a blast.... and damn it looked good.” 


DirectorAutumn de Wilde
Director of PhotographyMatt Lloyd
Production designerAdam Siegel
Production designerTina Pappas
ProducerSaul Germaine
Production CompanyAnonymous Content

Luke Bather - 17th Oct 2016

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