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Dorothy 'Dark Nights' by Chris Marrs Piliero

Luke Bather - 28th Sept 2016

Chris Marrs Piliero's fun with subtitles continues in this video for Dorothy. After the notoriety of Piliero's 2010 video for The Black Keys, he's returned to the concept here. A performance video plays out, whilst the stream-of-conscious scrolling subtitles act like a very sarcastic director's commentary.

It soon transpires that to follow the action onscreen, you need the context of the subtitles and the two interplay comically throughout the rest of the track... and then beyond. A fun, refined development on a simple visual gag that rewards you for paying attention.

Luke Bather - 28th Sept 2016


  • Comedy
  • Narrative

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Chris Marrs Piliero

Luke Bather - 28th Sept 2016

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