Luke Bather - 8th Aug 2016

Daniel Woolhouse, formerly known as Deptford Goth, has returned with an incredible CGI technicolour cityscape courtesy of Jack Barraclough.

Inspired by the choreographed action of John Woo, the cities in Brazil, Dark City and Escape From New York, and the dream sequences of Dali and Hitchcock this floating, technicolour tracking shot is dreamlike and slightly melancholic. The colours here are absolutely gorgeous and the ever expanding cityscape is constantly throwing up surprises in the form of very short character vignettes on rooftops, jumping into swimming pools or onto helicopters.

Assembled from open source character animations, it's an exercise in finding the beauty in resourcefulness and feels oh-so-easy to stare at on an infinite, sleepy loop.

PRO Credits


DirectorJack Barraclough
ProducerKarin Xiao
Production CompanyTwentyseven Six
VFXJack Barraclough
Director's RepresentationLas Bandas Be Brave
CommissionerBen Bishop
Label37 Adventures
AnimationJack Barraclough

Luke Bather - 8th Aug 2016

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