David Knight - 19th July 2016

Super-glam rap-pop rebel Brooke Candy takes a new turn with the video for Paper Or Plastic - back to the Old West, playing one of five wives of a tyrannical Mennonite or Mormon farmer. But this surprising scenario provides plenty of scope under the direction of Darren Craig, including a creative new take on Western female fashion, slick pop visuals, and as normal for Brooke, plenty of nudity, near-nudity, and fake nudity.

Ultimately Brooke leads an execution squad of downtrodden wives, now shamelessly naked, blasting their oppressor to oblivion. Very Russ Meyer. “It’s a direct response to the current tyrannical and oppressive political, economic, and social climate we live in," Brooke Candy has said about the video. "Living in a hostile, misogynist environment requires women with good intentions to fire back and leave any idealism from their girlhood behind.”


DirectorDarren Craig
Production CompanyThe Uprising Creative
Executive ProducerJonathan Craven
ProducerNathan Scherrer
ProducerSarah Rountree
EditorMark Mayr

David Knight - 19th July 2016

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