Luke Bather - 6th June 2016

Part-music video, part-movie trailer, all brilliant. DANIELS (that's directing duo Daniel Scheinert and Daniel Kwan) have been away from the world of music videos ever since co-directing their Joywave video with Zak Stolz about two years ago. But they've been incredibly busy. Last year they unleashed the incredible and bizarre short film 'Interesting Ball' onto the unsuspecting masses. Now they're gearing up to release Swiss Army Man - their debut feature film, starring Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe.

Soundtracked by Andy Hull and Robert McDowell from the band Manchester Orchestra, the film looks set to have all of DANIELS' trademark strangeness: frenetic special effects that happen so fast you barely process them, silly ideas – and farts. And this lyric video for part of the films' soundtrack is an incredibly self-aware montage of some of those incredible and surreal effects.

Ever since reported walkouts at Sundance, Swiss Army Man looking like it's going be divide opinion when its released on June 24th. But everything seen so far points to this film being amazing.

Go, DANIELS, go...

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Luke Bather - 6th June 2016

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