David Knight - 16th May 2016

Faraz Shariat's video for Evvol is about Luka, a gay teenager with a job at a gym making milkshakes and looking after the equipment, but then heading off on an unexpected adventure. When he hitches a ride from a farmer on a tractor, he begins a 'fish out of water' experience on their dairy farm, but also finds a soulmate in the farmer's daughter.

A sensitively portrayed story of friendship across boundaries that, appropriately for a track called Physical L.U.V, finds a sexual outlet.


WardrobeVera Klocke (himillenials)
DirectorFaraz Shariat
Production CompanyJünglinge Film
1st ADSophia Stoltenberg
Director of PhotographySimon Dat Vu
Focus PullerMaximilian Engel
2nd ACAmina Krami
GafferTammo Walter
Art DirectorLina Mayer
Art DirectorMayan Tuulia Frank
ProducerBenedikt Maurer
WardrobeFreya Herrmann
HairMizue Chobi (makeup Society)
HairAvril Paul
Make-upAvril Paul
Make-upMizue Chobi (makeup Society)
EditorMartin Langhoff
ColouristSimon Dat Vu
Lead actorHenning Schlüter, Laura Bleck
Label!k7 Records
Executive ProducerPaulina Lorenz
Other creditsAssistant Producer: Raquel Molt 2nd AD: Carolina Brinkmann Steady Cam: Holger Zechel 1st Droneoperator: Topbias Ilmer 2nd Droneoperator: Robert Kleinschmidt Best Boy: Louis Reiss Electricians: Niels Schreiner, Vito Walter Sound Recording: Christoph Möller PAs: Judith Greitemann, Kim Sanou

David Knight - 16th May 2016

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