Cat Velez - 22nd Apr 2016

To celebrate the release of Elton John’s new album Wonderful Crazy Night, Rob Chandler and his team at Nice&Polite got busy with a suitcase full of Super 8mm footage and a pair of scissors.

The Americana-inspired track In The Name Of You was paired with this resulting video, capturing the nostalgia and vibrant pop culture of the classic 1950s American road trip - hairdos, rollercoasters, glamorous sunglasses, neon nightlife and the open road - all brought together through a montage that perfectly channels the song's American spirit. 

Watch 'Elton John 'In The Name Of You' by Rob Chandler' here


DirectorRob Chandler
ProducerMatt Frost
Production CompanyNice & Polite
Artist managementThe Rocket Record Company

Cat Velez - 22nd Apr 2016

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