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Haunt 'Crave' by Victor Pakpour

Haunt 'Crave' by Victor Pakpour

David Knight - 12th Apr 2016

Victor Pakpour explores that experience of the first listen for Haunt's Crave, his second video for the LA twopiece. And he's also working once again with Gabriella Bechtel, who features in the previous one.

Here, we simply witness Gabriella being played the music for the first time. A very simple but also a challenging concept, in which the model's understandable self-consciousness starts to recede as the song begins to affect her.   

"The nuances, slowness and often banal and awkwardly long moments in between were, for me, part of capturing the feelings of how the track moves," Pakpour tells Nowness (where the video has premiered) "After working with Gabriella for the previous Haunt video, there was a connection I could instantly tap into in order to organically bring out a reaction. We rehearsed a few takes but didn't reveal the song until we started shooting.”

Watch 'Haunt 'Crave' by Victor Pakpour' here

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David Knight - 12th Apr 2016


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David Knight - 12th Apr 2016

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