David Knight - 7th Mar 2016

In the latest episode of Ruthless Cuts, the BTS series produced by Cut+Run's Promos+Content division, Sophia Melvin talks to director Ian Pons Jewell and his co-writer and producer Dobi Manalova about how they made the video for NAO's Bad Blood, released late last year.

Ian explains how his characteristically arresting video - which features a completely naked Adja Kaba encountering various individuals, and administering a strange tree-growing effect out of their eyes and mouths - came to be made, the importance of the work by VFX artist Andy Brown and his producer Glen Percival at VFX facility and Cut+Run's sister company, Four Walls - and the importance of music video itself as a pure medium.   

The discussion was shot at Four Walls, with photography by Jessica Flavin.

PRO Credits


Production CompanyCut+Run
EditorJamie O'Donnell
Assistant EditorMatt Dilworth
Assistant EditorChris Hutchings
SoundNathan Kiff

David Knight - 7th Mar 2016

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