Cat Velez - 5th Feb 2016

Clara Aranovich's video for Beirut's song Perth, from the band's fourth studio album No No No, has a winning concept. It's a lovely split-screen clip, which stages the same choreography by the same dancer set in two very different places: a warm sandy beach and snowy, mountainous woods.

The locations are as beautiful as they are contrasting, with a parallel between the two locations' rock formations and horizon lines. But around the the three minute mark Aranovich adds another surprising, and far more disquieting element, as our previously cheerful protagonist appears to be struggling in the snowy half of the picture...


DirectorClara Aranovich
Director of PhotographyLowell Meyers
ChoreographyMaceo Paisley
Executive ProducerDanielle Hinde
CastMaceo Paisley
1st ACSaxon Richardson

Cat Velez - 5th Feb 2016

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