Cat Velez - 16th Dec 2015

SALSA, a Brazilian directing duo based in both Brussels and Rio, grabbed first prize at the Young Directors Award at Cannes in 2015 for Heaven, their powerful narrative-driven awareness film against human trafficking. Their promo for Belgian pop-synth band Great Mountain Fire's track The Magic is another ballgame entirely - a misty and sensual amusement park scene where sexual attraction thrives.

It begins with a middle-aged woman taking over the control room of an amusement park, and starting to sing into the intercom microphone. Her singing imbues her surroundings with a passion-filled mood that passersby cannot resist, and it proves to be an extremely powerful aphrodisiac to the people on the Deca-Dance ride. 


“We loved the intention of the band and it was a solid concept to work with. We used this typical Belgian fun fair attraction, the Deca-Dance, and tried to create a mesmerizing atmosphere. We envisioned the ride as a sort of spaceship of love, a playground for this woman who is the embodiment of the music. She bewitches people for her own satisfaction, looking for the nostalgia of her own lost youth.”


ProducerJelle Robbeets
Executive ProducerEurydice Gysel
Director of PhotographySander Vandenbroucke
EditorRobin De Praetere
ColouristLaura Peeters
Post ProducerBieke De Keersmaecker

Cat Velez - 16th Dec 2015

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