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Jack Edwards 'Love And Luck' by Nik Morris

Jack Edwards 'Love And Luck' by Nik Morris

David Knight - 26th Nov 2015

Fresh from his support tour with Echo and the Bunnymen, singer-songwriter Jack Edwards's Love & Luck now has a video directed by Nik Morris, which tells the story of two young 'strivers' whose lives fall into chaos.

Their loving bond helps them through this crisis, but when they finally reach a moment of security, they're hit with anxious thoughts of a lifestyle unavailable to them; an image of themselves they'll probably never fulfill as they spend their youth working to escape poverty.

The video was produced by One&Other Creative, a new agency with origins as a print magazine in the north of England. The promo features art direction from its creative director Vicky Parry, and cinematography by NME contributing photographer Ben Bentley.



"Jack's song explores working yourself to the bone, so the story we shot is about two people coping because they have each other. But it’s not sentimental. I can't say with confidence that you'll be happy and safe if you work hard and have someone to love. The attitudes and systems you live within aren't set up that way. So the promo’s final act respects Jack’s message: life is hard and love is great, but you may find that love isn't all you need.”

Watch 'Jack Edwards 'Love And Luck' by Nik Morris' here

David Knight - 26th Nov 2015


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Nik Morris
Miles Watts
Production Company
One&Other Creative


Director of Photography
Ben Bentley


Art Director
Vicky Parry


Nik Morris


Make-up Assistant
Jessica Kate Stevens

Other credits


Holly Morgan, Hamish Logan, Mark Bywater

David Knight - 26th Nov 2015

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