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The Wholls 'X21' by Ed Coleman

Cat Velez - 16th Nov 2015

Ed Coleman has delivered this high-powered performance video for The Wholls' track X21, with added sexiness in the form of a young couple cruising around Dungeness, exhibiting their undeniable chemistry. 


"Essentially what we were going for was a cinematic narrative based around details of two characters deeply engrossed in their love for each other intercut with a beautiful but energetic performance from our band. We managed to get some amazing landscapes in Dungeness and the weather was kind to us. Couple this with the natural and instinctive performances from our actors, it made the whole thing both intense and epic.

"The couple's journey is meant to feel like a homage to the classic road trip films and so we had to get a Mustang for that bit of American muscle, which just gave that familiar vibe. Because we all want to be on the west coast of the US in a Mustang with a hot partner… don’t we?

"The Wholls themselves gave us a great performance and we had such an easy time filming them - it helped that we all loved the X21 track too - they were probably one of the most down to Earth and lovely bands that we've worked with for a while. 

"Ultimately the promo was about building a sexually-charged mood that oozes off the screen then at the end leave us wondering who is in control, as it’s not the male as the song would suggest, but our serial temptress."

Cat Velez - 16th Nov 2015


  • Director's notes

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Ed Coleman
Production Company
Big Noise Films
Production Company
Sneek Films


Director of Photography
Ben Coughlan
Focus Puller
Bruno Travers


Josephine Mcgrail
Hannah R Hopkins


Zy Records

Other credits


Lupe Paz


Gabriel Akuwudike

Special Thanks

Kate Armani, Guy Stanway, Owen Leyshon, Romney Marsh Countryside Partnership, Kent Film Office

Cat Velez - 16th Nov 2015

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