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Sons Of Kemet 'In The Castle Of My Skin' by Lebogang Rasethaba

David Knight - 2nd Oct 2015

A meeting of modern jazz and the traditional South African dance form of pantsula, has resulted in this scintillating video directed by Lebogang Rasethaba, for British 'post-jazz' outfit Sons of Kemet's In the Castle of My Skin. 

Shot in Johannesburg, the video features the pantsula dancers of the Indigenous Dance Academy as a black-tie orchestra, conducted by choreographer Jarrel Mathebula. Visually, it's a study in contrasts: a convergence of the chaotic energy of pantsula with the controlled sophistication of an orchestra. Most importantly, it vibrates with joy and excitement. 

“Pantsula and jazz aren’t things that people were ever meant to see together; they both have rich histories with very different cultural and aesthetic values,” says Lebogang. “But framing ideas within a different context can give them new life.” 

Indeed - and its a fine introduction to the second album, Lest We Forget What We Came Here To Do (released on September 25th) by a remarkable band, featuring some of the finest young British jazz players:  saxophone/bass clarinet player Shabaka Hutchings; Theon Cross on tuba; and two drummers, Tom Skinner and Sebastian Rochford. They make a lovely racket, which gives the pantsula 'dance-orchestra' something to get their teeth into.

David Knight - 2nd Oct 2015


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Lebogang Rasethaba
Allison Swank
Production Company
Arcade Content
Executive Producer
Colin Howard


Director of Photography
Motheo Moeng


Neo Sebete

David Knight - 2nd Oct 2015

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